6 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Social Media Sharing

6 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Social Media Sharing

Are readers sharing your content? Assuming you have content that’s worth sharing, you could be lacking the right social optimization and sharing tools necessary to make it simple and easy for readers to spread the word about your content.

And while SEO and paid advertising will always be around, there’s nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth via the reader’s’ social channels.

Give your website the boost your content deserves and use these tactics to optimize your site for better social sharing.

1. Content Worth Reading & Sharing

It’s not a technical tip but it’s still worthy of the top of this list. If you don’t invest in content that’s worth reading, then no one will read it, let alone actually share it with others.

All the SEO, share tools, and design tricks in the world can’t save bad content, so put your time, effort, and money where it counts – post and write great content.

2. Display Your Social Shares

Great content is the most important, but a high number of social shares can also convince a reader he or she is looking at a world-class article. Showing off your social shares gives an article clout, and readers are more likely to share a piece they know has already been passed around hundreds or thousands of times.

And as an added bonus, this’ll give your evergreen content exponential sharing power the more times you repost or reshare on your own social channels.

3. Use a “Social-Friendly” Website Builder

If you manage your own WordPress, then you can download and install your own social tools from scratch. But for those with less website experience, most website building platforms have their own social tools you can install with the click of the button.

There are resources comparing the different social features between website builders so you can pick a service that fits your website’s needs.

4. Integrate Facebook Comments

If you’re even considering allowing comments below your content, this is a no-brainer. There are arguments to be made concerning the negatives of Facebook comments (the content belongs to them and is subject to Facebook’s Terms of Service), but it’s all shadowed by the pros.

Creating an account and logging in just to comment is a huge deterrent for most casual readers, and Facebook’s comment plugin makes it easy for anyone (most everyone has a Facebook account) to interact and share your content.

5. Create Good Metadata

Have you ever tried to share a great article on your Facebook Page and ended up with nothing more than an unrecognizable link that no one will click? A good share should feature a picture, title, and description – it’s called metadata and no piece of content on your website should be without it.

Readers won’t hesitate to mash the backspace button if your content doesn’t look good on their Facebook Page.

6. Optimize Your Social Images

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all have different dimensions, naming conventions, and even rules for how much content is on the image for optimized sharing.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all image for all your social channels (and the social channels of your readers who want to share your content), so you need to optimize your image suite for each channel.

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