How To Build Wealth & Invest Money Las Vegas August 14-16, 2019, workshop on how to build wealth LV

A 3-Day Workshop On How To Build Wealth & Invest Money. Westin Las Vegas 160 E Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 | August 14-16, 2019…

Loral Langemeier, the Millionaire Maker, and her team are putting on a A 3-Day Workshop On How To Build Wealth & Invest Money. Las Vegas August 14-16, 2019

The Most Important “Money Event”
You’ll Ever Attend!

Discover how to build wealth and invest your money like the ultra-rich do. You will learn how to find the best alternative investments–Off Wall Street Assets–like real estate, franchises and cannabis and generate high returns.
You will learn the basics of investing and specific investment strategies to increase your monthly income from your business and your assets.

You will make money fast (while you’re at the event!), and learn money management techniques from Loral and her team of financial experts on how to build multi-million-dollar wealth.

Because there’s two conversations that happen in the world. The one that I’m teaching Dimartini teaches, Bob Procter teaches, like a lot of folks teach, but that’s not what we were raised with. We were raised with an occupational conversation which is get a job. If you need more money, get another job, try to get a raise. The rich are going to get richer and the poor are going to get poorer, it’s all designed that way. Here’s the insanity of doing this. The very people that pay you control the money you think you’re retired and they put money into your pension and then there’s that magical day where they say, “We’re really short.” Called Enron, called United Airlines, called a lot of the places where they use your pension to keep the company afloat. So why would you, this is a self fulfilling insanity. Their goal is for you to retire. Retirement is an agricultural word, put cattle to pasture to die, you’re not a cow, you’re not going to die.

The only reason you’re in bad debt is because you don’t know how to make money. The problem with most people because your DNA is so set in this occupational model and here’s the other problem your friends are too and your family. And you keep asking them opinions and they’re not any farther along financially than you. This starts in preschool. They get you out to school about the same time they’ve got to go to a job and then y’all all get home about the same time for dinner. That pattern has got to be interrupted. You’re intentionally not taught money.

This whole system teaches you to go do what? Get a job, let the stock market run your money, let the RSPs be attached to the company. And that way you just don’t have to be bothered. When I say do you want 2018 to be different it’s are you serious about really shifting your relationship with money. And this isn’t like a project or a program, this is a lifestyle. When you say, “Well, I don’t have time or I’m so busy.” We all have the same clock. You have the same clock I run on, you’ve got the same clock everybody else runs on. It’s your choices that you do every day.

So, my goal is to get you ready to receive money, ready to move in money. A lot of you because your core base is not even set up properly. Why make money on a mess, a foundation you’re not going to build on a house that’s not solid. So, this is getting your house solid. But the thing isn’t just about the ideas because what I think happens is you go to a lot of seminars and you’re taught the ideas. What we want to teach you is how to do it. You guys get the difference? It drives me crazy when you guys get derailed and you got derailed because you talk to somebody who’s not in this conversation, doesn’t know a damn thing about it, has an interesting opinion. And then, you follow them because it’s comfortable

How much time do you spend worrying about your monthly expenses? And notice this entire system is designed to sell you. Can you afford it every month? You get a house, can you afford the house payment? You get a car, can you afford the car payment? What you’re going to see visually is how when money moves it’s insane and everybody gets supported better. When money is hoarded and stuck nobody wins. I would just like you to be, I mean wouldn’t you like to be in more control of your money, like certain, like I know what the hell I’m doing, and I know it’s going to work versus I hope to hell it’s going to work. That’s the difference.

Isn’t this fun? Don’t you guys wish you would’ve learned is way back. And that’s what I want a lot of you to notice. This can’t just be because it’s a convenient thing. Once you set this all up this is a lifestyle, this isn’t in a program. So, and then your other problem is, “Well I trust Loral.” No at some point you’ve got to trust yourself, at some point money is a common sense. You just haven’t done a deal so it feels scary. Does that make sense? If your money’s not going in the right direction, why make more money? It doesn’t make sense.




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Houses for Sale in Las Vegas, Homes for sale by owner in Las Vegas, Premiere homes for sale LV

Houses for Sale in Las Vegas, Homes for sale by owner in Las Vegas, Premiere homes for sale LV

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Ep. 15 Catharine Blake: LICSW and Anxiety Coach-How Therapy and Writing Help Heal the Past. How Coaching Moves Us Forward.

Ep. 15 Catharine Blake: LICSW and Anxiety Coach-How Therapy and Writing Help Heal the Past. How Coaching Moves Us Forward.

Master Content Marketing By Ronald Couming – March 18 , 2019

Master Content Marketing By Ronald Couming – March 18 , 2019

15 Tips To Master Content Marketing By Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert, on the Internet Marketing and Business Solutions, With Ronald Couming Radio show, heard LIVE every Monday on WCAP 980am, 11am-12pm EST, Listen live here,

You’ve probably heard the term content marketing tossed around during marketing meetings. But do you fully understand what it is and what it entails to succeed at it?

Let’s start with the basics: what is content marketing? According to Content Marketing Institute:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Simply put, content marketing involves creating helpful, engaging content that is meant to educate, not overtly sell your product. In fact, it is incredibly effective at creating and expanding brand awareness, and ultimately converting leads. According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing results in conversion rates six times higher than other marketing tactics.

But how do you master the art of content marketing?

Here are 15 tips that will turn you into a brilliant content marketer.

1. Form your strategy

Forming a content marketing strategy is an essential part of a powerful content marketing presence. There are a lot of steps involved, but those who define their strategy from the beginning are typically far more successful at content marketing than those that do not.

2. Define your unique value prop and create content that supports it

Every marketing team should define their company’s unique value proposition (UVP). It is a statement about why your particular product or service provides unique value to the consumer that your competitors don’t.

While you create your content marketing strategy, you will likely create your value proposition. Once you have that in hand, use it to guide the content creation process. Create content that speaks to the pain points that your value prop solves for. You don’t have to mention your company or product—that can happen down the road. But you do want to make sure your content aligns with your UVP.

3. Develop buyer personas

Buyer personas are another essential piece of a strong content marketing presence. And just like your UVP, you’ll likely develop these while you build out your content strategy.

Buyer personas are profiles of what your typical buyer looks like. If you work in B2B marketing, there will be various decision makers at your prospects’ companies. So, you’ll want to develop various buyer personas to reflect that.

4. Focus on the most engaging type of content

When you survey your customers to build out their buyer personas, you can ask them what kind of content they typically enjoy consuming. Then, you’ll want to focus on those types of content. Some of the most engaging types of content used in successful content marketing programs are:






Case studies

5. Blog on a consistent basis

If you don’t have a company blog, consider starting one today. You’ll need to write about issues and challenges that your prospects and customers face. Then provide solutions to those, without trying to sell anything. You’re just educating your audience, and through that, you are establishing yourself as an authority in your space.

Consider these statistics from IMPACT on the effectiveness of blogging:

77% of internet users read blogs while online.

Smaller businesses that publish blogs see 126% more lead growth than those that do not. Upon reading recommendations from a blog, 61% of online consumers in the US made a purchase. Companies that publish blogs generate 55% more website visitors and 97% more inbound links to their site.

6. Map your content to the phases of the buyer journey

As your prospects move through the journey on the way to being customers, different types of content, at varying stages of the journey, will be more effective at moving them further along. You’ll want to map the kinds of content that prospects at each stage need to see to that particular stage.

7. Create a content calendar

Once your strategy is finalized, and your content needs have been assessed, you need to create a content calendar so that your content tells a story over time. This helps you be more organized and ensures that you fill all the content gaps that need filling. I recommend creating a quarterly content calendar. You can always tweak it as you go, but having content creation mapped out over the next few months will help you be more strategic about what you create.

8. Focus on quality over quantity

High-quality content is the bedrock of content marketing. It’s right there in the definition above, “valuable


Website Design By Ronald Couming – March 4, 2019

Website Design By Ronald Couming – March 4, 2019

16 Tips for Website Design By Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert, on the Internet Marketing and Business Solutions, With Ronald Couming Radio show, heard LIVE every Monday on WCAP 980am, 11am-12pm EST, Listen live here,

The Best 16 Tips For Website Design in 2019

First impressions matter more than you might think. When a visitor accesses your website for the first time, regardless of the page, he or she makes a split-second judgment about the design.

That’s why it’s essential to follow website design best practices that directly impact conversions. You don’t just want your website to look beautiful. You want it to function as a conversion machine.

So, here’s the best 16 Tips to design your website.

1. Use consistent branding throughout the site

Marketers often misunderstand how branding works. More specifically, they’re not aware of how website branding influences conversions.

Apple is a company that has mastered the fine art of branding. It’s not just about the distinctive Apple logo; every element of Apple’s website conveys its brand values: sleek design, useful tools, and elegance.

2. Leave plenty of white space between elements

White space — also called negative space — gives website elements room to “breathe” visually. If you group items too close together, you risk overwhelming visitors and convincing them to click away.

3. Reduce the number of choices you offer your visitors

Hick’s Law states that, as you increase the number of options you offer someone, the decision time increases as well.

4. Apply the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds has long applied to fine art and photography, but it also applies to web design. When designing your site, use an overlay with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines evenly spaced.

5. Compress images as much as possible

According to MachMetrics, a site speed monitoring service. However, based on industry averages, most websites load much slower than that.

The United States averages are roughly comparable to site speeds in other countries, though it’s lagging behind in certain industries.

6. Add breadcrumbs

Think of your website as a map with lots of disparate destinations. Your visitors can land on any destination based on how they arrived, but they also want to know where they are.

7. Use color and contrast to your advantage

Contrast helps certain website elements stand out from the rest. If you want your users to convert on an offer, make sure you’re using greater contrast on those specific areas.

8. Animate top bars and popups

This one’s tricky, so I want to be clear: Animated top bars and popups can either help or hinder your conversions. Here’s why: If your animation annoys your visitors, they’ll click away without bothering to look around your site. You have to be subtle.

9. Group similar elements

Similarity falls under the Gestalt principle, often referred to as the Law of Similarity. When we view a scene, such as a website, we automatically group similar objects in our minds.

10. Incorporate human faces

We’re programmed to read human faces, whether we see someone in person or view a photo on a website. Expressions can influence how we feel about something.

11. Use familiarity to your advantage

Consumers have become conditioned to expect certain things when they arrive on a website. For instance, if they’re shopping for a product and they visit an e-commerce store, they’re conditioned to look for the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” CTA.

12. Learn the path of least resistance

I mentioned above that you don’t want to give your prospects too many options. However, you can boost conversion rates using alternative website design best practices that capitalize on the desire to get something for free or at a discount.

13. Watch how visitors navigate your website

Using this data, you can optimize every page for conversions. Rearranging your website design based on how real people use the site can make a vast improvement in generating leads and sales.

14. Create distinct landing pages for SEO and paid ads

Website design best practices vary depending on how you’re using a specific page. I recently wrote an article on my personal blog about marketing mistakes I’ve made over the years.

15. Remove sliders and carousels

At one time, website design best practices celebrated the use of sliders and carousels. Now, however, they’re considered a source of friction.

16. Collect specific data from your website visitors

Learning website design best practices can absolutely help you boost conversions. However, you also have to give your audience what they want. Best practices offer a starting point from which to begin. After



Website Conversion By Ronald Couming – March 4, 2019

Website Conversion By Ronald Couming – March 4, 2019

Website Conversion By Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert, on the Internet Marketing and Business Solutions, With Ronald Couming Radio show, heard LIVE every Monday on WCAP 980am, 11am-12pm EST, Listen live here,

What is Website Conversion?

A website conversion occurs when a visitor to your website completes a desired action, such as signing up for newsletter, social media share, filling out a form or making a purchase. The percentage of total visitors that convert is called your conversion rate.

But what is a good conversion rate?

Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher. Ideally, you want to break into the top 10% — these are the landing pages with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher.

How do you calculate a conversion rate?

Conversion rate that calculate is by simply taking the number of conversion and dividing net by number of total clicks that can be track to a conversion during the same time period.

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Leveraging his diverse background in Internet marketing, technology, self-development, Leadership, team building, and entrepreneurship, he has created an innovative approach to helping businesses, and business owners, achieve extraordinary, sustainable success.

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Ways To Grow Your Business Fast By Ronald Couming – March 18, 2019

Ways To Grow Your Business Fast By Ronald Couming – March 18, 2019

15 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast By Ronald Couming, an Internet Marketing Expert, on the Internet Marketing and Business Solutions, With Ronald Couming Radio show, heard LIVE every Monday on WCAP 980am, 11am-12pm EST, Listen live here,

Here is the 15 Tips To Help Your Grow Your Business Fast.

1. Build a sales funnel.

The first way to quickly grow your business is by building a sales funnel. If you don’t have a sales funnel, you’re making a monumental mistake. Sales funnels can help to automate your business. It helps you to scale and grow quickly and easily. Sure, there’s some front-end work involved. Obviously. But, once those processes are in place, it’s smooth sailing from there.

2. Utilize a customer management system.

Manually tracking transactions is hard. No one wants to do that. It gets too cumbersome as the business grows. If you want to scale quickly, use a customer management system. There are plenty to choose from. But it really depends on your line of work. Of course, cloud-based software like SalesForce is always a viable option.

3. Research the competition.

When going to market, and you’re really looking to get your offer to the masses, you need to research the competition. Frasier says he uses two platforms to conduct his research. The first is Similar Web. The other, AdBeat. Both provide competitive intelligence. It’s your chance for x-ray lenses into all landing pages, ad copy, and other stages of the funnel.

4. Create a customer loyalty program.

Loyalty programs are great ways to increase sales. It cost up to three time more money to acquire new customers than it does to sell something to an existing customer. Other resources pin this number anywhere from four to 10 times more. However, any way that you slice it, acquiring new customers is expensive.

5. Identify new opportunities.

Analyze new opportunities in your business by understanding your demographic better. Understand everything from distribution channels to your direct competitors, and even an analysis of foreign markets and other potential industries. There are likely dozens of new opportunities you could pursue immediately with the proper amount of analysis.

6. Build an email list.

One of the best and most effective ways to grow a business quickly is to build an email list. Clearly, that means you need to have a lead magnet. Why else would people subscribe to your list? And, with a lead magnet, comes the necessity for a sales funnel. Look into companies like Aweber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip,Get Response, and others for building and managing your list.

7. Form strategic partnerships.

Strategic partnerships with the right companies can truly make a world of difference. It could allow you to reach a wide swath of customers quickly. Identifying those partnerships might be easier said than done. But, look out for companies that are complementary to your own. Contact them and propose opportunities for working together.

8. Leverage global platforms.

In the ecommerce business selling products? Why not use Amazon’s FBA service? In the business of selling services? Why not use Upwork? In the business of renting vacations homes? Why not leverage AirBnb, Invited Home, HomeAway or other global platforms? Find a platform that’s reached saturation and use it to grow your business quickly.

9. Licensing deals Doing licensing deals is a great way to grow your business without too much added effort.

If you have a product that you can license to others and share a revenue of, that’s an ideal way to grow quickly. Taking a popular or successful product and bringing it to a company with a large footprint can help you achieve market saturation quicker.

10. Consider a franchise model.

If you have a successful business, and you’re really looking to grow quickly, consider franchising it. Although franchise costs are high and moving to a franchise model is complex and takes a lot of marketing know-how, it could make all the difference if you’re truly looking for quick growth.

11. Diversify your offer lineup.

Look into diversifying your offers. What complementary products or services or information can you offer in your business? In order to grow, you need to think about expansion. Identify new opportunities within your niche. Uncover the pain points. What else can you sell to your clients. Where else can you add value in the exchange?

12. Build passive income streams.

Growing a business takes significant effort. If you’re dealing with razor-thin margins, consider building passive income streams. This way, you don’t have to worry so much about keeping the lights on, so to speak. Passive income will afford you the opportunity to make mistakes and not have to lose your shirt. It’ll keep you in business and provide a basis to grow and market and scale quickly by giving you ample resources.


Learn how the wealthy live, and how to create and protect wealth at this online seminar

Learn how to create and protect wealth, and how the wealthy live, then mirror and matched. Loral Langemeier, the Millionaire maker herself, and her team, will show how to create and protect your wealth, so you can learn how and live like the wealthy, at this online seminar, seating is limited, act now and reserve your spot…

It’s interesting that you take it like this isn’t interesting ideas. These aren’t ideas. This isn’t like I made this up. This is how everyone that is wealthy lives. Completely on this side, not straddle it.

So even if you have a job, right, some of you guys have a job, you still have proper company structure that are held in trust. I mean, any of you that have children without a trust, you’re irresponsible. So we’re really serious about it, if you haven’t noticed. We don’t take this lightly. You really want to live over here, then I don’t know where else you’re going to find this [inaudible 00:00:35], because I built it differently. I built it very intentional and really was Robert Kiyosaki that gave me the model of the advisor series. Way back in the day, he had a great idea, just the structure of which they did it didn’t work, but, I mean, I’ll never forget the moment. I was with Larry Singer. We were in Australia, and I said, “My God, this is totally going to work,” done right.

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