The 3 Critical First Steps to Launching a Business

There’s a right way to launch a business, and a wrong way.

And the route you take can ultimately make or break your company down the road.
Whatever the size of your business, getting it started is a process. But don’t let that hold you back or delay you from getting it off the ground. Set up the business as soon as you can, and build your processes along the way.
So what do you do first?
There are 3 steps to launching a successful business that every new business owner should follow, in order to excel during the start-up phase.
1. Do Your Research
Before starting a business, you need to spend time doing a lot of research.
Research your industry, your competitors, similar/existing products, ways to build your presence, etc. Understanding that the key to business growth can stem from the quality you provide, it is at the highest importance to do your research when deciding which paths, products, or risks you’ll need to take.
The internet has a wealth of information—USE IT!
2. Develop a Revenue Model
No matter what type of business you’ve decided to start, the key component to your company’s business model should be a top priority when it comes to your business’s start-up stage. If you do not have a revenue model, your company will fail.
Doing your research when building this type of framework will help define your target audience, establish and fund marketing plans, and institute a line of credit. You have to be extremely clever with your financial and entity strategy. You need to get incorporated, as soon as possible; but you need to set up the right entity for your business and what is going to save you the most taxes. We highly recommend a free Gap Analysis strategy session with an expert from our team. This conversation will help you see any loopholes or gaps in your strategy that either is or could be holding you back, as well as help you develop a roadmap to generate the most success possible.
3. Join a Community
While we like to think that the problems we’re going through with our business are unique, they’re not.
Other entrepreneurs are going through the same problems, usually at the same moments. Creating or joining a community with other entrepreneurs and wealth-builders is a way for people to come together and create magic while giving feedback or providing answers to others in need.
These communities can include people who range from someone who just sold their business for a few hundred million dollars to an inventor trying to gain traction in a focused niche to an entrepreneur just getting their first business off the ground. This is the fast, modern way people connect and get right to the meat of their problems.
Being adjustable and flexible to new ideas will help your business thrive amongst your competitors. Learn from people who have achieved success already, and are not only creating wealth, but keeping it (with smart tax and entity strategies), and growing it (with high-return investments across a diverse portfolio).

Be attentive on both positive and negative feedback, and understand that anything you’re going through, someone else is too. Surround yourself and learn from people with the same passion to build seven-figure wealth, and strive to consistently grow, make new connections, and nurture the relationships you build.