This is The Formula to Skyrocketing Your SEO:
Automating the Link Building Process

The key to a strong SEO strategy for your website, which is essentially the key to leading people from google to your home page, is understanding how to link, internally and externally. Backlinks, or the websites that link to your site, are a supreme ranking factor and key to getting more organic traffic.

The more authoritative websites that you link to, the better rankings and traffic you will have. But the magic formula for the highest quality and perfect quantity of backlinks is difficult to achieve.

Links are one of the biggest factors to Google’s ranking system, but the problem is that it’s time consuming. The hardest and most manual part is outreach. Sure, you can ask for a link directly, but that takes time.

Precious time that you don’t have. You should be out selling and landing deals, not struggling to understand SEO.

Instead of trying to persuade other sites to link back to you, let RCS Online Solutions handle it.

RCS Online Solutions Automates the Process for You

RCS Online Solutions has perfected the technique of automating the backlink process while landing you collective hits on your website, every minute of every day.

Linking to trustworthy material has been proven to help you come across as authoritative and thus, highly ranked among your competitors.

RCS Online Solutions is the website that links clients from all industries across the globe including:

  • Life and Business Coaches
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Cooking and Crafts
  • Health and Fitness

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With RCS, you’re not just getting hundreds of backlinks, you’re getting collective hits as well.

Collective hit: a hit for one is a hit for all!  So, if one person gets a hit from the RCS website then everyone gets the credit, meaning all of the individual rankings skyrocket!

Example: If there are 50 clients linked, 100 hits to one actually equals 5000 hits to the site and everyone gets credit for 5,000 hits.

THAT’S RIGHT! EACH CLIENT GETS 5,000 hits, just from one site that receives 100 hits.

Google uses algorithms to determine who is ranked higher– you or your competitor. So, if you’re getting 5000 hits, but your competitor is only getting 1,500, Google will skyrocket your ranking above theirs.


Sign up today to get the early bird pricing (valid only for the first 100 clients who sign up):

$200 Set Up Fee, $50/month (6-month minimum contract)

Regular price:

$200 Set Up Fee, $100/month (6-month minimum contract)

Each participant will receive:

A full page on RCS Friends Page That mirrors your current site, with all Menu items and tabs opening on your existing website, creating powerful quality backlinks

The RCS Check Out My Friends of RCS footer to add to their website, so every hit your site gets, links back to everyone on friends of RCS. An every hit they receive you get credit for. This creates our unbelievable collective hits, and massive quality link juice

  • 20% commissions on every referral

Awareness equals opportunity. Your prospects cannot hire you or your services if they cannot find you.

If you’ve been waiting to be discovered… you’re in the right place.

Let RCS automate your link building process today!