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Digital marketing helps you interact with your targeted audience online and provides them with the right engagements’ points. Digital marketing enables you with data-driven insights about what your targeted audience really wants.

1. Ensure your website is built for inbound leads

Your website is your digital storefront or business card today. It is one of the most effective (and least difficult) places to start with digital marketing. And it’s an excellent place (and often underutilized way) to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Your website should walk the fine line of providing enough information to your customers  and prospects without too many options, especially when it comes to your call to actions.

What types of call-to-action information should have on your website? Here are 4 must haves:

• Contact us form: Use it to collect basic information such as full name, email, and phone number. Ensure you avoid the SPAM bots with your form so use reCAPTCHA instead of CAPTCHA. What’s the difference? With reCAPTCHA, all of website visitors need to do is check a box and Google verifies that the person is human (not a bot). It doesn’t require your website visitors to look at numbers or letters like you do with CAPTCHA, improve the user experience for your customers and prospects.

• Phone number: People still use the phone in today’s digital age. In fact, some of your better inbound leads may come from phone calls. Make sure you phone number can be dialed easily from a mobile phone on your mobile-friendly website.

• Email communications: If your website visitors don’t want to contact you via a form or phone number, just ask for their email address so you can keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Not only can you stay top of mind, you can get great prospecting information about your subscribers’ behavior.

• Social media buttons: If your website visitors prefer not to contact you via the website or subscribe via email, make sure you have social media icons on your website.

2. Do more with less

When you’re just starting out or if your business has been around for a while, it is important to focus on the digital marketing fundamentals, so you can do more with less.

• Your winning strategy should start with a vision. For example, how you are going to communicate your digital marketing strategy to your employees and key stakeholders? Your digital marketing strategy is only as good as you articulate, communicate, and execute it.

• We are all media companies today, so it is important to think and act like the media. How do you do that? You should consistently produce compelling content with headlines to attract readers and can be consumed by everyone. Does your content use big words? Is it easy to scan or watch? Can someone quickly comprehend it?

• Without easy-to-consume content, your approach to digital marketing will most likely fail. Your content should be produced at an eighth-grade level. The best companies today market and communicate in simple language that is interesting and persuasive.

3. Think local for your customers’ searches

To gain more visibility of your company’s website in your local area, it is important to sign up or a Google My Business account so you can create and verify your company’s locations on Google. This account ensures your business shows up on page one in Google search results and your business is included in Google Maps so people can easily get directions to your business.

4. Take advantage of free digital marketing tools

One of the biggest marketing challenges today is finding the right set of digital marketing tools to use. Thanks to free digital marketing tools available today, you don’t need a lot of money to implement digital marketing.

5. Think visually in every marketing activity you do

Are your using great visuals with your content and on your website? If not, you should invest more in this area. Why? We respond to visual content faster since 90 percent of information that flows to the brain is visual. To ensure you are visual business, concentrate on these three areas:

• Videos: Videos give you the opportunity to directly engage your audience and reach a larger number of people. Research has shown that having a video on the homepage of your website increases your chances by 150 percent of showing up on the first page of Google. Research also shows that people are 85 percent more likely to buy a product after seeing a video.

• Images: According to research, content with images get 94 percent more views. There are a lot of websites you can use to help to find free, high-quality photos for your content.

• Infographics: Infographics are liked and shared three times more on social media than other types of content. Why? Nearly 50 percent of the brain focuses on visual processing. The infographic format can help your company explain complicated subjects and processes with data-driven insights.

What Matters Most

Digital marketing is a powerful, efficient, and effective way to ensure your prospects and customers find, engage, and stay loyal to your business in 2019. Even if you only use one or two of these tips, you’ll get results that matter.

Achieve even greater success by Attracting, Converting and Retaining your ideal clients and customers with our proprietary Online, Digital Marketing Services that don’t cost you money, they ake you money.

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Six Strategies for Successful E-commerce E-Mail Marketing

Are you considering e-mail marketing services in Massachusetts for your e-commerce business? If not, you could be missing out on an opportunity to boost sales and build valuable customer relationships. Here are innovative e-mail marketing strategies you can use to maximize profitability from your online business.

Integrate with Feature-Rich E-Marketing Platform

Most digital marketers agree that e-mail marketing services in Massachusetts can help online businesses regularly communicate with customer base and overcome the challenge of in-person customer interaction. E-commerce e-mail marketing is a thriving subset that requires time, attention and creative strategies to be successful. One of the simplest things an e-commerce business owner can do is ask the e-commerce website design company to integrate the website with a popular e-marketing automation platform such as Constant Contact,  MailChimp.

Target Shopping Cart Abandoners

A good e-commerce website design company will not only sync your website with MailChimp for effective distribution but also ensure that it is integrated with your shopping cart so that you can track and develop strong e-mail marketing strategies for your best prospects. For shopping cart abandoners, you can send e-mails reminding them of items left behind or notifications of discounts on items not purchased.

Create Customized Campaigns

The advantage of using the MailChimp platform is that you can create and send emails that equal the look and feel of your brand. This will foster brand recognition and provide a seamless experience to customers. Another benefit is that you can segment customers into various groups based on factors such as gender and past purchasing behavior. You can also easily add to subscribers and then create customized marketing campaigns targeting their needs and requirements so that they are encouraged to come back and make a purchase.

Reward High Value Customers

Expert companies offering digital marketing services recommend cultivating relationships with loyal customers including those who frequently purchase from your business, provide referrals, and follow through on your emails. You can offer them exclusive previews, deals, free shipping services or deep discounts to make them feel valued and drive them back to your store for more purchases.

Strategize For Seasonal Sales

Seasonal and holiday themed e-mail campaigns are a great way to take advantage of seasonal demand and increase sales during peak seasons. E-mail marketing platforms offer holiday-themed templates so that you can send out festive and fun e-mails to customers. If you’re currently working with an e-commerce website design company to create a new website, ask them if the e-mail marketing platform they’re integrating provides this feature.

Take Advantage of Transactional Mails

Don’t ignore transactional e-mails because these usually have higher engagement rates than other types of marketing emails. Use the opportunity to offer discounts on next purchase or cross-sell similar or complementary products a customer may need. For promotional emails, make sure the subject line and preview text are optimized because these create the first impression. The subject line and preview text should pique the reader’s curiosity and convince them to open your message.

For more such innovative e-commerce e-mail marketing ideas, simply get in touch with your trusted digital marketing company in the USA!

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Drive Branding, Build Trust and Increase Sales with Professional Video Marketing

Apart from website development in Massachusetts, what other online measures are you considering to get better leads, increased sales and long-term customer loyalty? How about video marketing?

Benefits of Video Marketing in Boston

Companies that use video marketing in Boston enjoy higher web conversion rates when compared to businesses that don’t. There are many consumers who prefer the convenience and visual appeal of videos over textual content, no matter how good it is. Videos are a great way to effectively present information about your company, product/service and make a clever sales pitch. Videos shared on websites, social media profiles increase user engagement, build credibility and capture prime real estate on search engines.

End-To-End Solutions

The same company offering services for website development in Massachusetts can help you create different types of videos such as company profile videos, testimonial videos, season’s greetings, how-to videos, product/service videos and much more. From concept building and script writing to final editing and distribution on different platforms, an expert Massachusetts web design company will leverage technical and creative resources to cover all aspects of video marketing. In the end, you will have a high quality video that holds viewers’ attention and lends credibility to your business.

To explore opportunities and avail a customized video package, get in touch with your favorite web design company in Massachusetts!

RCS Online Solutions is your go to solution provider for all your Website, Internet, Digital Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Needs Contact us

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Achieve Formidable Online Presence through Social Media Marketing and SEO

From the outside, it looks like SEO and social media marketing are two different things – the former is about gaining more visibility on search engines and building organic traffic to your website whereas the latter is about engaging users, generating discussions and establishing an appealing brand identity. However, both go hand in hand and there are solid reasons why an SEO company in Massachusetts should also include social media consultants in the team, as does RCS Online Solutions

Vital for Content Distribution

Social media is the biggest content distribution system today. When expert social media consultants in Massachusetts help you put out valuable, interesting social media content, it increases chances for those posts to get indexed by search engines and drive website traffic. Also, if your website blog posts get attention on social media platforms, they get indexed at a quicker pace.

Important for Building Brand Authority

An experienced SEO company  knows that establishing website authority is crucial for SEO and higher search engine ranking. As you publish great content on social media and distribute it among relevant audience with the help of a professional SEO and social media agency in Boston, you encourage social sharing and earn reliable external backlinks.

To know more about how social media marketing can boost your SEO efforts, get in touch with a top-rated SEO company in Massachusetts, RCS Online Solutions,

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Six Characteristics of Reliable Digital Marketing Agencies in Boston

While searching for a reliable digital marketing agency in Massachusetts, you’ll come across countless options. However, not all agencies are created equal and choosing the wrong one could prevent you from achieving your business goals and cost you dearly in the long run. Here’s a list of characteristics that reputed digital marketing agencies possess.

Comprehensive Digital Expertise

Today, online users are using multiple media, platforms and devices to access content and research for products/services. For comprehensive effectiveness, digital marketing requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Reputed digital marketing agencies in Boston offer different services such as e-mail marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, video marketing, mobile marketing, local online marketing and social media marketing to help clients reach target audience and achieve campaign objectives.

Skilled and Experienced Talent Pool

The  best digital marketing agencies in Boston have a diverse talent pool consisting of skilled and experienced designers, web developers, content creators, SEO specialists, communication experts and social media marketing professionals among others. A versatile talent pool gives agencies the flexibility to deliver custom solutions and execute campaigns with faster turnaround times.

Custom Strategies and Solutions

An efficient digital marketing agency in Massachusetts will cover all bases, including researching your brand, target audience and competition, to develop a custom strategic plan aimed at maximizing ROI. It will take the time to understand your business offerings and customer needs in order build solid online marketing strategies that focus on engaging with prospects in meaningful ways.

Emphasis on Relevant Content

Attractive, valuable content is an important element of digital marketing campaigns as it helps in user engagement, conversions and brand building. A good digital marketing agency in the USA will not only know how to create premium content but also deliver it in forms that are appealing to target audience. For example, instead of a website blog, your target audience may be more interested in infographics or a social media post. In addition to this, a good agency will tailor content for prospects at different stages of the sales funnel.

Due Importance to Analytics

Data, KPI measurements and analytics are necessary for successful digital marketing because they help businesses understand the value of their marketing efforts and take informed decisions to optimize campaigns. The best agencies offering digital marketing services in the USA use state-of-the-art data analytics tools to analyze the effectiveness of campaign strategies. They also test new ways to increase ROI and identify the best mediums to generate quality leads.

Ahead of the Curve

Truly great digital marketing agencies are on top of the latest digital marketing trends, updates and innovations. Developments are constantly taking place in the online marketing world and an agency that’s unable to keep abreast of them will not be able to deliver top quality solutions. When investing in professional digital marketing, you don’t want to miss out on lucrative opportunities for user engagement because the digital marketing agency isn’t aware of the latest online marketing practices.

Look for these characteristics and soon you’ll partner a digital marketing agency you can rely on to get great online marketing results!,

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PPC vs SEO, what is the difference between Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization Ron Couming


PPC or SEO, Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click, what is the differences and benefits of each and which is right for you, by Ronald Couming, and Internet marketing expert discussed on a Facebook Live

Having an effective and efficient online presence is vital to a businesses success, and through Digital Marketing, you can Attract, Convert and Retain, your ideal clients to achieve even greater

We at RCS Technology Solutions, LLC provides business owners and entrepreneurs the ability to attract new clients with various Lead Generation services, Convert those leads into clients, and retain those clients, while also converting those clients in raving fans.

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