Hi, I’m Gerry aka The Branding Evangelist
and welcome to my home on the web!

As a Brand Strategist, I show small business owners how to establish dominance in their industry by creating and capitalizing on the power of a superior brand.

As creator of the Big Brand Formula, I give owners the playbook that enables them to chart a bold new path to making more money by giving themselves the ultimate advantage in the marketplace.

In other words, if you’re just getting started with branding (or need to strengthen your current brand), building your online platform, or ready to level up your marketing and scale your business to the next level … you’re in the right place!

How I Became
The Branding Evangelist …

Here’s how it happened!  I now know why I preach & teach big branding the way I do.  It all has to do with Motown music.

I grew up during the golden age of what’s known as “The Motown Sound.”  It’s been called the ‘music that changed America’ and the world beyond it!

  • Unlike anything listeners had ever heard, the Motown Sound originated from and jumped out of an independent record label – a hit factory – in Detroit, Michigan called Motown Records
  • It was the iconic, genuine sound of 1960s pop, R&B, and soul music that defined American pop music as we know it today
  • Not only did the Motown Sound help define the Sixties, it’s considered as perhaps the most influential, culture-changing music of the 20th Century

Who Am I?

Brand Dream Maker & Strategist, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Creator of The Big Brand Formula, USC Grad – BS & MBA Degrees with Honors, Detroit Born-And-Raised, Motown Music Aficionado, Jazz Lover, NBA Fan, Cat & Dog Person, Solid Values, Strong Work Ethic, Excellence-Driven, Upbeat, Kid-At-Heart, Bon Vivant and All-Around Nice Guy!