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Zef Vataj is a third year Harvard undergraduate from New York. He is aiming for a concentration in business administration with a dual minor in finance and philosophy. For the better part of his college career, Zef has put heavy focus on utilizing his knowledge into growing his new clothing brand, Charm by Vataj LLC. His goal is to provide affordable, red carpet and business style clothing for everyone who wants to get their A-lister look on all the time without having to (necessarily) have the same bank account balances as Dwayne Johnson or Taylor Swift! Charm by Vataj is not just about style or clothing; it is a way of life. A quote the company lives by is: “Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit could be” and he hopes that Charm’s outfits make life at least a bit better for his customers.

When you want something bad enough, and you work hard for it; you will get it.

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