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Providing Nature’s Gifts for Your Beauty


Arisan Crafted Jewelry from SAS Spurilla in Billings, Montana is Brand New to the the East Coast + made of Sterling Silver, Brass + Copper with Gorgeous Stones!  It has a little Western Flair, some Boho Styling + is sure to be the newest Rage!


PUREhaven Essentials Products are 100% USDA Certified organic!  They’re made in Rhode Island, here in the USA!  They don’t have any harmful chemicals or ingredients that can effect us, our family, our home or the environment.

It’s very easy to fall in love with products that you know and trust have the highest quality available on today’s market! That’s all you need to join our team. If you love it you’ll wear it and share it, and of course everyone will want it too.

More About Me

I grew up in a small farm town were my grandparents’ generation lived a self sustaining life.  Everything was made at home, food, clothes + mixing various natural ingredients for soaps + salves.
In my generation everything got bigger, better + faster to provide instant gratification!
In College I studied Business with Fashion + Design because that’s what I felt was my natural attraction.
Malls became the place to be, offering everything you can imagine.
Now, people are beginning to appreciate the old way of doing things.  Like using natural ingredients, free of harmful chemicals for their food + the products they use, on their body + around the home.  They’re also loving clothes + jewelry that’s unique, hand made with genuine, stones + semi precious metals.  Specially, those that are hand crafted by Artisans because it helps to keep the crafts alive + many people make their living that way.
I’m more than fortunate to be able to provide the highest quality + most beautiful things to help enhance your Natural Beauty!