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    Executive Coach | Startup Advisor | VP of Biz Dev

85% of jobs will be disrupted by AI in the five years. Lucrative sales jobs are at the top of the list. In a world of bots, being human will be an increasingly competitive advantage. Our coaching and trainings reflect this new sales economy. We teach people to be uniquely human in the competitive world of sales while still blowing out quotas and getting what you want. The intention to focus on the human connection points of trust and service and not to close, elevates the status of the seller with the buyer and grows revenue.

Who I am

I’m the Sales Professor, a passionate, top level sales teacher, speaker and coach. I’ve sold in the field as rep and a manager in SaaS, technology, distribution, finance, and insurance. I’ve always delivered robust top and bottom line growth in the business and the people.

My programs are infused with the extraordinary lessons and stories of my journey as an English teacher, sales leader, lacrosse coach, road prophet, husband and father. I’m grateful to have had the support of great mentors.

As a teacher, I ask great questions and curiously listen to the answers. I’ve never listened my way out of a sale. My philosophy of selling: people buy on emotion and human skills, such as well-told stories, create the trust and alignment which allow a “reason-to-buy” to emerge in the mind of the prospect.

What I do

The buyer and the seller’s relationship has changed drastically. With multiple ways to shop for the best deals, today 65% of the buying process is over before anyone calls sales. Plus, AI does many sales tasks now. Buyers though are seeking a collaborative process run by trusted SMEs who have the soft skills to understand and serve them. Sales trainings still focus on tasks and following processes, calling sales “a numbers game” and perpetuating the “Always Be Closing” mentality of yesteryear. As a result, many salespeople struggle to build meaningful business relationships the new revenue-creating realities require.

We teach entrepreneurs and sales people who want to grow their businesses without compromising their values to bring mindfulness to sales, so they will sell more, be influential leaders, and build the business of their dreams. I empower people to be their best selves, which becomes their best salesperson. Without closing or sleazy sales tactics.


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