What are you doing with you learn?

Many of us go to seminars/conferences, read a lot of books, listen to podcasts, etc. as part of our “learning” processes to improve ourselves. But how many of us actually write down a point of interest or that nugget of info that we got from the presenter? It’s so amazing to go to seminars and see people sitting there – barely taking any notes, if any at all, and trying to just “soak it up.”

Without writing ideas down that we get from these pieces of training that we attend/listen to/read, most of those ideas are going to go out the door within 24-48 hours after we hear them because we didn’t internalize them.

Here’s another question – so you’ve written something down, but have you made any plans to act on what you learned? Remember, in business, speed of implementation is key to success because someone else can have the same takeaway as you or come up with a similar idea and beat you to the market.

I challenge and tell my coaching clients all the time that speed is key – it’s one thing to take an idea, but a whole other to implement it. With that in mind, here’s my challenge to you: How are you going to take what you learn today and make it work for you? What steps are you going to implement to help grow your business?

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Jennifer Glass
CEO, Business Growth Strategies International, LLC