Alternative investments Education in Las Vegas, OWSA, Off Wall Street Assets, in Las Vegas

Alternative investments Education,, in Las Vegas, OWSA, Off Wall Street Assets, in Las Vegas , LORAL LANGEMEIER, the Millionaire Maker,…,, REGISTER for the FREE the Best Wealth Building event in Las Vegas, Two dates, May 9th and May 10, Click this link to both Register and for more information

Some bullets:

Discover how to find and invest in Off Wall Street Assets like real estate and franchises for high-return investments.
You’ll learn specific strategies on how to increase your monthly income from your business and your assets.
How to build wealth faster by learning investment strategies that the ultra-wealthy use.

Three reasons to attend Reason #1: Techniques Investors Use To Beat Wall Street Most people don’t invest in alternatives outside of stocks and bonds simply because they don’t know where to find good deals and don’t how proper due diligence. In this powerful workshop Loral will show you how and where to find deals with high returns and the process smart investors use to conduct due diligence. Remember, high returns don’t have to equal high risk. That lie will keep you broke. You minimize risk by learning how to do due diligence… not by “playing it safe!”
Reason #2: Powerful Tax Strategies to Protect Your Wealth There are now over 80,000 pages in the tax code – which means there are many new ways to cut your tax bill that you and your CPA don’t know about. We’ll show you simple, step-by-step actions you can take to organize your tax strategies and fix your leaky wealth bucket. If you’re not incorporated, we’ll show you where to start and which entity is best for you. We’ll also share advanced strategies on when to use S-Corps vs C-Corps; and how to put all your entities under the umbrella of a family trust.
Reason #3: How To Build Wealth That Lasts Generations Multigenerational wealth preservation is not easy. In fact, 70% of estate transfers fail, resulting in an “involuntary loss of control of assets,” according to a 2011 study of 3,250 wealthy families. This is because most wealthy families don’t realize their most important assets are their family members, not their investments. So if you want to be part of the 30% of wealthy families who establish a lasting legacy, then you must educate yourself and your family on how to protect and grow your family’s fortune.