20 Selling Phrases to Add to Your Vocabulary Right Now

Some of the best advice I give anyone who’ll hear me out is:

“Find out what you’re good at. If you don’t like your skill set, too bad — It’s what God gave you!”

After this, I tell ‘em to get their butts in gear with whatever it is their goals are, put their unique skill set to use, and “turn what you know into dough.”

But a lot of times, the response I receive (in an unconfident tone) is, “But Loral…I just can’t sell myself like you can. I’m not a salesperson. I can’t do it.”

FIRST OF ALL, take can’t out of your vocabulary.

Yes You CanThe person who thinks they can and the person who thinks they can’t are both usually right.

If I ever hear you say that word around me, it’s going to take Andre the Giant to hold me back from putting my left cowboy boot where your sun don’t shine!

SECOND OF ALL, selling yourself is a key to life. Whether it’s to a guy/girl at a bar, at business meetings, on social media, or to potential buyers, you’re always selling yourself in some capacity.

You figure this would make it easier for people…but it doesn’t.

Often, the biggest hurdle is the language. People don’t want to come off sales-y.

They struggle with being a salesperson.

Well, I got news for you: If you’re afraid of coming off sales-y, then don’t. Stick to what you’re doing now and lead the life you’re currently living. Stay right where you are — in your comfort zone.

If you can’t sell, you won’t succeed!

BUT, if you’re itching to sell & wanting to leave your comfort zone, I’ve found the best method to getting over an obstacle is practice.

Practice, practice, practice.

In selling situations, you should have already envisioned the naysayers, doubters, or on-the-fencers you’re going to encounter — and be prepped with go-to phrases or words to convince them to buy.

To Help You With That, Here Are
20 Selling Phrases You Should Add Into Your Regular Vocabulary:

The Call to Action
1) I can’t wait to hear from you.
2) Hit “Reply” and we’ll email you the details.
3) We’re waiting for your reply.
4) Don’t miss this opportunity.
5) Call me to set up an appointment.
6) We’ll start as soon as I hear from you.
7) Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity.
8) Come in and take a look for yourself.
9) Call me for a free _______.
10) Avoid disappointment. Call/order/apply/register today.
The Moment of Decision
1) This is your moment.
2) Now is the best time.
3) Don’t miss out!
4) Don’t risk losing your ________.
5) You’ve waited long enough.
6) Your move.
7) But the only way to prove the value of ________ is to try it yourself.
8) It’s time to make your choice.
9) Make a resolution right now to __________.
10) You’ll be glad you did.

I won’t overwhelm you now, stay tuned for future blogs on more selling words on topics such as Special Strategies (knocking the competition, selling your ideas, justifying a high price & enhancing your company’s image) and Clinching Statements (following through, the add-on to incentivize customers to purchase something else, minimizing risk, & persuading your audience.), among others.

These are all techniques I’ve been able to pick up through my firsthand experience in selling, reading and general people watching.

Implement them yourself!

Talk soon,