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Joint pain, Back pain, Do you suffer with joint pain or back pain? And did you know that 4 out of 5 people do suffer with intermittent back pain?

I’m Dr. Trish Murray, founder of Discover Health Functional Medicine Center, where for over 12 years, I’ve helped thousands of people decrease their inflammation, their pain and their suffering by providing them with the system and the roadmap to empower themselves with self-guided healing to transform your life so you can move as freely as you want to.

This is my book, ‘Make a D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease’ and D.E.N.T. is an acronym and it stands for Detox, Exercise, Nutrition, and Transformation. If you would like to get on the road to moving freely again and eliminating your back pain and your joint pain, then go to my website and scan right down on the home page and hit the link to go to Amazon and purchase my book, ‘Make a D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease’. And then also, scan down just a little further to my free program entitled, ‘10 ways in 10 days to stop your suffering and live a pain-free life’.







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