How To Build Wealth & Invest Money Las Vegas August 14-16, 2019, workshop on how to build wealth LV

A 3-Day Workshop On How To Build Wealth & Invest Money. Westin Las Vegas 160 E Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 | August 14-16, 2019…

Loral Langemeier, the Millionaire Maker, and her team are putting on a A 3-Day Workshop On How To Build Wealth & Invest Money. Las Vegas August 14-16, 2019

The Most Important “Money Event”
You’ll Ever Attend!

Discover how to build wealth and invest your money like the ultra-rich do. You will learn how to find the best alternative investments–Off Wall Street Assets–like real estate, franchises and cannabis and generate high returns.
You will learn the basics of investing and specific investment strategies to increase your monthly income from your business and your assets.

You will make money fast (while you’re at the event!), and learn money management techniques from Loral and her team of financial experts on how to build multi-million-dollar wealth.

Because there’s two conversations that happen in the world. The one that I’m teaching Dimartini teaches, Bob Procter teaches, like a lot of folks teach, but that’s not what we were raised with. We were raised with an occupational conversation which is get a job. If you need more money, get another job, try to get a raise. The rich are going to get richer and the poor are going to get poorer, it’s all designed that way. Here’s the insanity of doing this. The very people that pay you control the money you think you’re retired and they put money into your pension and then there’s that magical day where they say, “We’re really short.” Called Enron, called United Airlines, called a lot of the places where they use your pension to keep the company afloat. So why would you, this is a self fulfilling insanity. Their goal is for you to retire. Retirement is an agricultural word, put cattle to pasture to die, you’re not a cow, you’re not going to die.

The only reason you’re in bad debt is because you don’t know how to make money. The problem with most people because your DNA is so set in this occupational model and here’s the other problem your friends are too and your family. And you keep asking them opinions and they’re not any farther along financially than you. This starts in preschool. They get you out to school about the same time they’ve got to go to a job and then y’all all get home about the same time for dinner. That pattern has got to be interrupted. You’re intentionally not taught money.

This whole system teaches you to go do what? Get a job, let the stock market run your money, let the RSPs be attached to the company. And that way you just don’t have to be bothered. When I say do you want 2018 to be different it’s are you serious about really shifting your relationship with money. And this isn’t like a project or a program, this is a lifestyle. When you say, “Well, I don’t have time or I’m so busy.” We all have the same clock. You have the same clock I run on, you’ve got the same clock everybody else runs on. It’s your choices that you do every day.

So, my goal is to get you ready to receive money, ready to move in money. A lot of you because your core base is not even set up properly. Why make money on a mess, a foundation you’re not going to build on a house that’s not solid. So, this is getting your house solid. But the thing isn’t just about the ideas because what I think happens is you go to a lot of seminars and you’re taught the ideas. What we want to teach you is how to do it. You guys get the difference? It drives me crazy when you guys get derailed and you got derailed because you talk to somebody who’s not in this conversation, doesn’t know a damn thing about it, has an interesting opinion. And then, you follow them because it’s comfortable

How much time do you spend worrying about your monthly expenses? And notice this entire system is designed to sell you. Can you afford it every month? You get a house, can you afford the house payment? You get a car, can you afford the car payment? What you’re going to see visually is how when money moves it’s insane and everybody gets supported better. When money is hoarded and stuck nobody wins. I would just like you to be, I mean wouldn’t you like to be in more control of your money, like certain, like I know what the hell I’m doing, and I know it’s going to work versus I hope to hell it’s going to work. That’s the difference.

Isn’t this fun? Don’t you guys wish you would’ve learned is way back. And that’s what I want a lot of you to notice. This can’t just be because it’s a convenient thing. Once you set this all up this is a lifestyle, this isn’t in a program. So, and then your other problem is, “Well I trust Loral.” No at some point you’ve got to trust yourself, at some point money is a common sense. You just haven’t done a deal so it feels scary. Does that make sense? If your money’s not going in the right direction, why make more money? It doesn’t make sense.