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Daniel Meyer, Data Sonic Analytics, Success Secrets Revealed, Ronald Couming, SEO Online Marketing

Daniel Meyer, Data Sonic Analytics, Success Secrets Revealed, Ronald Couming, SEO Online Marketing


Success Secrets Revealed, Daniel Meyer, Founder & Data Analytics Expert at Sonic Analytics, Bio Below, interviewed by Ronald Couming, SEO and Internet marketing Specialist, LIVE on Monday, July 13th at 12pm EDT | 9am PST.

Daniel Meyer heads both Sonic Analytics and Sonic Virtual Staffing, sister companies that deliver both data analytics solutions and virtual staffing to businesses in the United States and the Philippines. With over 20 years in Big Data and Virtual Staffing, Dan is one of the most sought-after public speakers in Asia and offers big data coaching and analytics training seminars on both sides of the Pacific.

Sonic Analytics(www.sonicanalytics.com) brings big data analytics solutions like business intelligence, business dashboards and data storytelling to small and medium sized organizations looking to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Sonic Virtual Staffing (www.sonicva.com) brings virtual staffing solutions like graphic design, social media management, bookkeeping and specialized virtual assistants for authors and professional speakers to small and medium sized organizations looking to scale on a budget and looking for 24/7 staffing options.

When not training current and future analysts, you can find Dan championing the use of analytics to empower data-driven citizenship by volunteering his expertise with schools and non-profits dedicated to evidence-based social progress.

Message: Like most businesses, my first one started with a staff of one. Me. Not long after putting my business idea into motion, it became pretty obvious that the amount of work required to launch a business is more than a one-person job.

However, to keep costs down I pretty much did everything myself. But even in those early days I had an eye on adding staff to take over some of the things that were important, but time consuming and not the best use of my time.

In my case this meant marketing. I’m great at creating quality content, but not the best at actually marketing and selling it. I have worked really hard over the past ten years to get better at both, but nowadays i have a team that does most of that work, keeping me free to do what I do best, which is create and deliver content.

By investing in a virtual team, I freed a lot of my time, regained my focus and started to seeing positive results in both my impact and my back account.

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