Why go to an Escape Room?? What are Escape Room Puzzles and Games? Huntington Beach Orange County

Why go to an Escape Room, in Huntington Beach?? Fun, an amazing amount of fun for all ages, and all types of occasions. Escape Rooms provides an opportunity to have fun, escape from reality, escape from the norm, Fox in a Box is the Best Escape Room in Huntington Beach Orange County

Hey everyone. My name is Amanda Contreras and I am the owner of Fox In A Box Orange County at Huntington Beach. I get asked all the time why do I want to come to an escape room, is it for me? Can I bring my 7 year old? Yes, yes and yes absolutely. We are very family friendly, we have rooms for all different likes, we’ve had rooms for 8 year old birthday parties, we’ve had rooms for your family reunions, we’ve had 50 years old birthday parties, we’ve had wedding proposals, big reveals, anniversary presents, it doesn’t really matter as long as you want to come and have a good time, this is the for you.

Why do you need it? To come and have a good time and to not do the norm. Come out on a date night, have a good time, communicate with each other, solve puzzles, find clues, getting immersed into an atmosphere that kind of lets you escape from reality for a minute and really just have a good time in an escape room.

It’s not about being scared, it’s not about being locked up, it’s about finding puzzles and solving clues and seeing if you can complete a mission of a room. So, that’s what we love here at Fox In A Box is to be able to fully immerse you in an atmosphere where you wouldn’t’ be in normally. Everyone can go to the movies, everyone can have surround sound, everyone can watch a screen, but nobody can be immersed into like robbing a bank, no can be immersed into a prison to try to break out of it, no one can be immersed into like a zombie lab trying to save the world from zombies.

So, it’s just different and fun and it’s fun for the whole family and you get to bring like I said kids and grandma and grandpa and your co-workers or just the two of you on a date. It’s just that fun and we really hope to see you soon.

For more information and to join us, please click here https://oc.foxinabox.us/