What is an Escape Room, Best Escape Room Huntington Beach Orange County

What is an Escape Room, and why you should go to one, explained by Amanda Contreras, of Fox in a Box, the best escape room in Huntington Beach, Orange County.

Hey everyone. My name is Amanda Contreras and I am the owner of Fox In A Box Orange County at Huntington Beach. I get asked as an owner all the time what is an escape room and why should I go to one?

So first off, an escape room is a fully immersed thematic room where you and your friends your co-workers, your family can pick a theme room, solve puzzles, find clues and complete your mission of the room. You don’t necessarily have to escape, some of them you have to save the world, some of them you have to help your friends and some of them you have to get out with the diamonds, it’s all very very immersive and fun.

So, each escape room that you do has a different theme, has a different goal, so depending on what you choose depends on what you have to do in the room. Is it good for me, is it good for my family, is it good for my 7-year-old, can I bring my grandpa? Absolutely. We are fun for the whole family. Everyone has a good time whether you’re trying to rob a bank, whether you’re trying to escape prison, whether you want to save the world from zombies, it doesn’t really matter, we have a room for everybody.

And why would you want to do it? Why is it important for you to do an escape room? Because you’re going to have fun. You’re going to talk to the people that you love or that you care about or that you work with, you’re going to figure out how you can communicate better, you’re going to figure out what you guys can do, what you should work on as a team or how much you actually don’t communicate.

But in all reality, an escape room is something where you can have fun with, you can be entertained, you are your own movie and that’s what we’re all about. Is making sure that you guys have the best time that you can by being with the friends that you love or the people that you love and just have a good time solving puzzles and finding clues to be able to complete your mission of the room.

So, in essence that’s what an escape room is. Again, here at Fox In A Box we are not scary, we are very family friendly and we would love to see you soon in the future or right now, you’re more than welcome to do that. So, we will see you when you get here.

For more information and to join us, please click here https://oc.foxinabox.us/