Escape Rooms and Corporate team, leadership and Communication building

How can an Escape Room help with Corporate training, What is An Escape Room, what do you in an Escape room, why do you Need an Escape room, and what to expect explained by Amanda Contreras, of Fox in a Box, the Best Escape Room in Huntington Beach Orange County

Hey guys. My name is Amanda Contreras and I am the owner of Fox In A Box Orange County at Huntington Beach. I get asked all the time as an owner why do I need to go to Fox In A Box, what’s in it, like I don’t get what it is.

Well, super simple. You are immersed into a room for 60 minutes trying to solve puzzles and find clues with family, friends, co-workers, it’s that simple. Why do you need it? Team building of course like communication. If you’re not coming to do it for fun, you definitely have to do it for the communicating and the team building ideas and the fun things that you guys can find out about each other in your office.

So, if you are an HR person or if you feel that your office seems a little bit of better communication or you guys are doing awesome, you guys just want to get out and spend a day out of the office, come to Fox In A Box, book a couple of rooms and take your whole office down here, communicate, work well together, problem solve and have a good time. Figure out a little bit more about each other in your office, bond a little bit better, every time someone comes in and they’re not really for sure what to expect, when they come out everyone is laughing, they are having a great time and they love the experience that they’ve had.

So, come on over to Fox In A Box, get locked into a room with us, complete your missions, solve puzzles, find clues, game masters are watching you at all times making sure that you guys are having the best time ever, helping you through your room to make sure that you guys have the utmost most amazing time.

So, if you guys are in the area, definitely come check out Fox In A Box. We are here for you, we will see you soon.

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