Corporate team, leadership and communication activities, Escape Rooms are perfect, here’s why

Corporate training with Escape Rooms in Huntington Beach and Orange County. Excellent opportunity to build communication, problem solving, and leadership skills while having fun, An Escape Room is the perfect choice for a Corporate training outing, and Fox in a Box, Huntington Beach Orange County has you covered

Hey everyone My name is Amanda Contreras and I’m the owner of Fox In A Box Orange County at Huntington Beach. I get asked all the time why do I need to go to the escape room. Well, it’s simple why not? In reality we do a lot of corporate team building here. We have 5 rooms in Fullerton and we have 6 rooms at Huntington Beach all of which can hold six people per room, so 30 people an hour in Fullerton and 36 people an hour in Huntington Beach, and basically collectively you and you team or your office or whoever it is that you want to bring works together, communicating back and forth, problem solving, bounces ideas off of each other, trying to find out what opens what or how this works or how do I get this door opened or what should we do, what problem can we solve, and it’s all about communicating and working together to complete your mission of the room.

So, if you guys can work well together or if you can’t work well together this is a great opportunity for you and your office or your team to figure out how well you communicate. Great team building opportunities, we do them all the time. We have very very big companies that come in and book team buildings all week long. So, be a part of that team, be a part of that fad, come in, book a room, if you don’t know if it is right for you, give us a call.

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