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What is a Website analysis, and how can it help you??

Website analysis means an actual audit of your websites structure and code, checking to ensure the required activities to be fully index by Google and other Search Engines, have been met. This will ensure you are being fully indexed by the search engines, and will, or should, come up when someone is searching for your products, services and or solutions.

From my experience offering SEO coaching and consultations, the most common issue that is holding people back from ranking is: onsite SEO. You can have the best links on the planet pointed to your site, but if you’re not up to speed on what should be happening onpage, then you’ll be perpetually trapped on page 2 or worse.

Think of it like this. Winning in SEO is like winning a car race. Your onsite SEO is your car and the links are the gas you put in it. If you don’t build a good car, it’s simply not going to go anywhere despite the gas you put in it.

Some of the things and areas we check are, but not limited to: Title tag – Image tag – Meta description – Robots.txt file – Keywords – Sitemap – H1 and H2 Tag – 404 error – Page speed – Broken links – Schema – Mobile friendly site – Rich snippet – Domain authority – Content – Page rank – Social Media

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