In the summer of 1940 the world was on the brink of Nazi Domination

The response was the establishment of modern uncoventional warfare

1941 was the year of resistance and a commitment to…

Dominate the Darkness… CAMP X Tradecraft

Underwood Systems Inc. is a 15 year Canadian company servicing the Allied Law Enforcment, Military and Government Special Operations community in proprietary unarmed close-quarter protection, surival and combatives skills sets boasting a direct lineage to the development of tradecraft established at CAMP X. Built in 1941… and headed by Sir William Stephenson, CAMP X was the birthplace of the James Bond legacy and all original training and tradecraft of the American Central Intelligence Agency.

A recent merging with former Tier 1 operators from Canada, the United States and the UK has brought about a truly elite, Allied training team with expansion into the full element of firearms and tactics and high-level Private and Corporate Security Offerings

Being sanctioned by CXT: Camp X Tradecraft as a flagship of CAMP X related offerings, with the support of the world’s 43 year expert and government consultant on the Camp, Lynn Philip Hodgson, Underwood Systems has assembled a unique team of world class partners including “Doctor X”, Dr. Antoine Chevalier, 3-Term Medical Advisor to the American White House.

As in our lineage to CAMP X, Underwood Systems represents cutting-edge excellence in Allied training and services offerings.

Welcome back… to CAMP X.

What They Do

Highly speciaized Close Quarter Battle, Firearms and Tactics, Unarmed Protection, Survival and Combatives Training led by former Tier 1 operators and current instructors to the Allied Special Operations Community… Military, Law Enforcement and Government related assets.

A full range of corporate and private security offerings with international deployment capability. An authorized provider of CXT: CAMP X Tradecraft public sector training and corporate Security Services.

“During my career of functional medicine, the study of physiology and research, I have never found an unarmed protection and combatives method  which more accurately manipulates the Central Nervous System (CNS) defending against or controlling an attacker with such little effort and commitment.  I wholeheartedly support CXT and the philosophy and physiology behind this revolutionary protection method.  CXT was the system I was looking for.   I am very pleased to have become a partner and team member of Underwood Systems and CXT: Camp X Tradecraft… the Evolution.”

“Dominate the Darkness!”

Dr. Antoine Chevalier

3-Term Medical Advisor to the White House Administration

“Doctor X”