Personal Branding, Celebrity Branding, how to create a person brand or celebrity branding explained

Personal Branding, Celebrity Branding, how to create a person brand or celebrity branding explained

Personal Branding, Celebrity Branding, how to create a person brand or a celebrity brand, is explained in this free audio program by Gerry Foster, Branding Expert and know as the branding Evangelist, click here… to learn more about Gerry Foster, Branding Expert in LA, serving clients nationally and internationally click here

Hi. Question for you. Do the names Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Oprah, Suze Orman, Rachel Ray, Kim Kardashian even, do those names ring a bell? Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. The answer is they should because they are what are called celebrity personal brands. So what’s my point? My point is that if you have a skill, a gift, a talent, an ability, a certain level of expertise, you should have a strong personal brand yourself.

My name is Gerry Foster, otherwise, known as the Branding Evangelist, and what I’ve noticed is that for so long many professionals and providers of services, everything from personal services to business services to consumer services, they tend to sound like and come across like others in their field. And so the key today is to have a brand that is rooted in those gifts of yours that allow you to say to the world “I’m not like all those others who do what I do. I’m in my own league, and I’ve got something that can truly, truly be of value to you.”

Now, it doesn’t mean that when you create your brand that you’re going to achieve “celebrity status” like those other folks. No, but what you do have the opportunity of achieving is becoming the what’s called Go-To Brand in your space where you’re looked upon as the leading authority, an expert, whatever words you want to use, in your space, your field of expertise regardless of what your “services” may be because they see you as being shoulders above the rest of the crown. So I invite you to put together a strong brand by simply listening to my audio program… just click the link below, called How to Create Your Strong Personal Brand, that has impact and do it with grace and ease.

So click the link below, download this audio program. It’s free of charge, and here’s the thing about this program that really makes it special. It’s a faith-based program, and so when I say faith-based, I don’t mean simply religious. Whatever your divinity may be, whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, this particular program was delivered to this large audience of all these services providers and others, and they wanted something that could show them and lay out for them how to put together that kind of personal brand that would bring them more personal fulfillment and joy and satisfaction and do it in such a way that it would allow them, just like it will for you, to accelerate what you are on this earth to accomplish.

So, download the program, enjoy it. It will bless you immensely, and one more thing. It was done live right in front of this audience. It’s one of my very, very favorite talks that I’ve ever given. Enjoy.…

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