COVID Long Haulers

Hello, I’m Dr. Trish Murray. I want to talk to you about COVID long haulers. If this is what you’ve been researching, you found this video because you or a loved one has survived and done well with the acute COVID-19 infection. Meaning you’ve had COVID, you went through the acute illness, but now it’s even weeks or maybe even months later and you or your loved one still does not feel back to normal health yet.

You may be dealing with fatigue or you may be dealing with a chronic cough or even shortness of breath. You may be dealing with headaches and cognitive problems like brain fog and concentration issues or you’re dealing with muscle aches or joint pains that just won’t go away. All of these are the examples of symptoms people all over the world are dealing with COVID-19 post-COVID syndrome and now the term COVID long haulers.

Now, why am I standing in this road full of snow and mud? Well, I live in the North Country of New Hampshire, and this is the first weekend of spring. Yup! First weekend of spring up here, folks. We don’t really get spring. We get mud season! The reason I’m doing this is because I want you to understand an analogy that we understand up here in the North Country what it means, the long haul of winter. It’s spring but we still have this much snow. This is the road that leads to my house, and it’s full of water and mud. Mud season is the idea that, you know, what’s going to happen is that Mother Nature over the next few weeks is going to take care of all of this snow and the water. The snow’s going to melt, and the water’s going to recede. Mother Nature’s going to do her job, and the warmer weather is here and it’s coming. But even when the water and the snow recede…if you notice this road. It’s got rivets in it from the tires going through the mud. It’s got potholes in it. Once all of it recedes, the water and snow, I and my family are still going to have to do something in order to get this road back to optimal surface.

That’s the analogy I want to share with you, that your immune system has irradicated the acute COVID-19 infection, but your immune system and possibly your detoxification system and maybe even your gastrointestinal system have been left with rivets and potholes, if you will. You have to do something in order to bring yourself back to optimal health. You’ve got to clean things up.

Now, again, my name is Dr. Trish Murray. I am a functional medicine specialist, and I’ve been helping thousands of people over the last decade to take control of their health and optimize their lives again. It involves things like nutrition and diet. it involves things like gentle movement and exercise. It involves things like avoiding toxins in your environment. In involves decreasing your stress. All of these things, one step at a time, will help you get your life back and smooth out your immune system function and your nervous system function and all the systems of your body will function more optimally again.

I’m offering you, through this video and the link that’s on this page, a FREE copy of my first book called Make a D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease. It’s going to teach you everything you need to do to get started, to get back to melting the snow of mud season, absorbing the water, and then you can cleanse the road, smooth the road out, smooth your immune system out, get your nervous system back up and running optimally so that you can alleviate the symptoms of COVID long hauling and get back to optimal health.


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