Financial abundance, what is financial abundance, Angeline Wehmeyer of the Ultimate Wealth Academy

Financial abundance, what is financial abundance, Angeline Wehmeyer of the Ultimate Wealth Academy

Financial abundance, what is financial abundance, Angeline Wehmeyer founder and CEO of Ultimate Wealth Academy, found at discussing what is Financial abundance, and how to achieve it,

Hello, my name is Angeline Wehmeyer. The purpose of my life is to empower families to create even more financial abundance so that they can live their dream.

Speaking of financial abundance, let me ask you this question. What is your definition about financial abundance? Do you have a clear picture that you can describe to me? So often when I sit down with the family to help them with their personal finance, and when we talk about their dreams and goals and some people tell me that, “I want to become financially independent, I want to make more money.” And my question for you is, what is your definition about financial independent? What do you mean by making more money? Is that making a dollar more than you’re making right now? Is it good?

Obviously, that’s not what they want. So what I’m telling you is we all want financial abundance. We all want financial independence. However, very few people have a clear, defined picture about what does that look like to them, okay? Maybe is that when you create enough passive income, maybe like enough to cover your living expenses, then you’re happy, or you want to have enough money to support your kid to go to college. And so that they don’t need to get into the student loan when they graduate. Or you want to just enjoy life. You want to have enough money that you just can travel all over the world and enjoy the beautiful things and experiences in your life, or even donate to the organization that you’re passionate about. So what does that look like to you?

Imagine today, if you tell me you want to go to California, but you don’t know where to go, do you think you will ever get there? No. You’re going to be doing the circle here because there’s no clear destination. In order to achieve what you want to achieve, in order to create that kind of financial abundance that you always desire. And I want to encourage you today and find a quiet time. Okay? And then have a pen and paper and start dreaming about it and start writing it down. And be clear about what you want.

Can I share a little personal story about you? 2009 when I came to the United States, at that time, I don’t have any family. I don’t have any career. I certainly don’t have any money and I don’t have any friends either. And all I have was, at that time, was my boyfriend. Now it’s my husband. When I came to the country, I remember I wrote down three things on my notebook. Number one, I draw a triangle. The bottom of the triangle I wrote down, “Family.” And to me, family it’s my foundation and that’s what I’m here for. Everything I do, family it’s the foundation. I always want to have a family first.

And even though I don’t know where to start, however, I have a very clear vision about I want to become a successful business women. And over the past 10 years, and I have personally gone through a lot of trial and error. I have tried many different business adventure, some work out, some didn’t. But you know what? Today I’m so happy that I finally found something that I’m so passionate about, that I truly enjoy doing and I also make an impact and also bring me a very, very good cashflow. And the third part of the triangle I wrote down, “Giving back.” Because to me, life is not just about making money, it’s about fulfillment.

How good does it do if you make all this money but nobody celebrate you, celebrate with you? Or how good does it do and you just have that all that kind of money but your life is miserable, you don’t feel fulfilled? And that’s why I wrote down the third triangle of my life. It’s giving back. And that’s why I’m here. I want to share my knowledge, my years of learning, my years of mistake, to empower you to create the financial abundance so that you can live your dream. And in order to have that, in order to make that dream come true, you have to have a clear, crystal clear, of your destination about where do you want to go.

Action, it is find a time and write down and start dreaming about it. And guess what? That’s the first step to the financial independence. All right? So it’s Angeline Wehmeyer and always believe the power of you. I believe that you are only one decision away from the massive financial abundance that you’re always looking for. And I’m looking forward to connect with you in the next video.