Business and personal Branding Expert in LA, Gerry Foster, known as the Branding Evangelist

Business and personal Branding Expert in LA, Gerry Foster, known as the Branding Evangelist

Branding expert, for both businesses and individuals, Gerry Foster, known as the Branding Evangelist in Los Angeles, serving clients nationally as well as internationally, Introducing himself, as well as explaining the importance of branding, and the benefits of branding the right way. Learn more about Gerry Foster, Branding Expert here

Hi. Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Gerry Foster, otherwise known as the Branding Evangelist. Now, the technical term for what I do for a living is that I’m what’s called a brand strategist, which is very different than what are known as brand designers. Just like you might have someone who owns a housecleaning service and he or she might say, “Well, I don’t do windows,” well, in my case, I don’t do logos. I don’t do logos, swag bags, tote bags, websites, or anything else that people can see. I’m the guy up front who does all the roll up your sleeves, not so glamorous, in the trenches kind of work at the beginnings so that you can indeed have a brand of choice.

The way that I do that is through something called the the Big Brand Formula, because my whole commitment is to help you create a world class brand that would not only generate more sales, it can also lead to passive income for you over the years. The Big Brand Formula is the world’s first three-step organic system that allows you to develop a big brand and a strong message that sells so you can excite, delight, and ignite your market, and make it easier to get new customers.

n essence, I give you the playbook. I give you the playbook that will put you on a new path. In essence, charting a new path to making more of a difference, making more money, having more impact, and, more importantly, more joy and more fun for being a small business owner. It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you have, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling products, services, yourself as a personal brand, or you have a non-product, excuse me, a nonprofit, or you want to brand your business itself. It doesn’t matter. In fact, I’ve actually helped over 100,000 small businesses from over 600 different industries because I’ve had my company now for over 30 years and branding is the only work I’ve done my entire life.

I invite you to get to know me. Check out my website. It’s loaded with lots of juicy stuff, lots of resources, lots of things that are designed to spark your imagination and get you to start thinking about yourself truly as a brand, more so than simply having that logo or something visual. On my site, it’s also filled with lots of what’s called social proof where I have all these letters of praise, thank you letters, and video testimonials from small business owners that I have helped over the years, and they have just thanked me because I’ve been so blessed that I’ve helped so many people. Many of them thank me for the work that I did for them. Check out my website. Look at some of the free resources. Explore. Have fun. I hope to connect with you on the other side, perhaps even one-on-one in the future. It would be my honor to do so. Take care.…

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